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      MAKING A SOLDIER OF HIM.It was remarked later that under Louis XIV. no one dared think or speak; under Louis XV. they thought but dared not speak; but under Louis XVI. every one thought and spoke whatever they chose without fear or respect.

      But Mme. de Genlis discovered, when too late, that by her attempts both to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, she had succeeded in making herself detested by both parties; and now [446] she waited in daily perplexity about money matters, and fear of the recognition which was not long in coming.The next time they met he was secretary to Alexandre de Lameth. Trzia was standing on the steps of their h?tel with Mme. Charles de Lameth when he came with his hands full of letters.

      "Then you will come up to the Mount two or three times a week and play with me, I hope. There's a decent tablecushions as hard as bricks, I dare say, but we must make the best of itand there's plenty of sound claret in the cellars to say nothing of a keg or two of Schiedam that I sent home from the Hague."

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