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      The hue and cry passed on its noisy course without heeding the cottage; and about an hour after, Holgrave threw down a rope to the galleyman, who, with the agility of one accustomed to climb, sprung up the side of the well, and entered the cottage with his host.

      Whats the matter, Miss Propert? he said. Better tell me and not waste time, unless its private."This is Miss Lardner," she said, introducing him to the girl, "and Mr. Lardner of Starvecrow."

      Hitherto he had not gone much afield. If affairs had called him to Battle, Robertsbridge, or Cranbrook, he had driven or ridden there as a matter of businesshe had seldom walked in the more distant bye-lanes, or followed the field-paths beyond the marshes. Now he tramped over nearly the whole country within a radius of ten mileshe was a tireless walker, and when he came home knew only the healthy fatigue which is more delight than pain and had rewarded his dripping exertions as a young man.

      Much more was written in this strain on both sides, and Colonel MacDonald hired a band of youths to parade the streets singing:

      "See hereI must be going."

      "For what purpose, then?"


      Albert sat upthen asked for some water.


      There was now a simultaneous rush made to the bridge by the crowd, who stood watching the horsemen till they entered the castle; when they formed into groups, wondering at what they had just beheldat what might be the fate of the monk, and at their own supineness in suffering half-a-dozen men, even though armed and mounted, to carry him off without a blow."The dagger, knave," muttered Tyler, still intent on humbling the proud sword-bearer, and raising his axe in a menacing attitude.


      "If that child takes after his father," said Holgrave, "he will have pride enough."