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      "Now this is something like!" said Si, as he squatted on the ground along with Shorty and half a dozen messmates. They surrounded a camp-kettle full of steaming ears and half a bushel or so of apples heaped on a poncho."I should think it'd be a bold man that'd try to make you his slave. Madam," Si ventured.

      Shorty and the Deacon exchanged very profound winks.

      "Captain, I never felt activer in my life," asserted Shorty; "and you know I always kept up. I never played sore-foot any day."

      "Captain," said the Colonel, riding up to Co. Q, "the General says that we have got to stay here and hold those fellows back until the new line can be formed along the pike. We haven't ammunition enough for another fight. You'll have to send a Corporal and a squad back to the pike to bring up some more. Pick out men that'll be sure to come back, and in a hurry."