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      She opened the door and listened. The great house was very quiet; there was no sound but the ticking of the tall clock that stood in the hall and the heavy breathing of the great hound which lay on the rug before the fire-place.

      That is right, she sung rather than spoke. They meant nothingoh, I am sure of that; though, do you remember how startled she was when she saw Lord Norman on the morning of the wedding?Ball-dresses? said Esmeralda; but I cant dance!

      Thank you, said Esmeralda, gently, as she got up and went to the bed; but she made no pretense of sleeping, and lay on her elbow, watching the woman thoughtfully.

      She is very rich, said Trafford, almost grimly. There is nothing to forgive. You know how necessary the money is.

      Some one was at the piano; they were playing the waltz which had been playing the night he had stood beside Esmeralda when she dropped her bracelet over the balcony. God! what a fool he had been not to know that he loved her even then!

      Certainly, he said in his grave fashion.



      Yes, she said, if Ive got to go. But youll soon have me back, and then youll be sorry enough you sent me away.As Varley turned to measure the distance, a man came from behind the hut. It was Simon. He stood and stared at the other two with undisguised astonishment. Varley nodded to him.


      It was not in jest, she said; I am very unhappy.